In the early afternoon on their first day of the summer school the students were given a guided tour by our Activity Coordinators, but not before they had an opportunity to meet their tutors and new classmates, using the time to get to know a bit more about each other and their courses.

Within no time our students were ready for the tour of their new home, as they very excitedly gathered up and set out for their historic tour.

As they headed out with our Activity Coordinators they were quickly shown the hidden gems Oxford has to offer and where they might like to visit independently later during their stay. Students were taken around some of Oxford’s most prestigious colleges, made all the better by the personal anecdotes of some of our staff who study there! They also had the chance to take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful gardens, a particularly enjoyable moment!

Later it was time for their Oxford Scavenger Hunt, allowing the students to have some fun whilst applying their knowledge of their new home. The majority of points were given for speed and correctly answering questions surrounding Oxford’s history and the buildings they had seen earlier in the day. Not all questions though required a strong knowledge of the city though as ten points were given for drawing our ACs as gargoyles, extremely flattering and hilarious to all!

After a busy day of classes, tours, scavenger hunts and building friendships our students were treated to the local favourite G&D’s ice cream, something that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!