Today heralded the arrival of our first day trip as we boarded a coach to London. The inclement weather of the day before threatened in the morning but was quickly burnt off by the sun, setting up for a beautiful day in London. The road trip was punctuated by Angus and Ade playing tour guide, addressing a broad range of issues from the current Ashes cricket match, the airport conundrums of London to the alleged assassination attempt of a high profile foreign national. Our first stop on arrival was a tour of the street art in East London, followed by a quick lunch in Spitalfields Market. We then trekked through London and across the Thames to the Globe Theatre for another taste of Shakespeare. Crowded into the famous open air theatre, Richard II was performed by a talented band of players. After the group had its fill of Shakespeare we relaxed in and around the Tate Museum, exploring the famous museum and soaking up the sun. Next stop was the London Eye, the giant ferris wheel opposite Big Ben and favourite photo opportunity of our students. After experiencing the unique view of the London skyline (and taking lots of pictures), dinner became pressing and we moved to Pizza Express for food. It was a quiet bus trip back to Oxford and everyone gratefully made their way to bed on our return.