On Thursday Oxford Scholastica went to the big city: London! Very few cities in Britain can rival Oxford in history and culture, but London definitely counts as one of these.


Our day started at the financial centre of the world, in the eminent Square Mile, nickname for the City of London. This is where many of our young leaders and business men and women will one day hope to ply their trade.


After this we moved further into the east end of London, with an alternative tour of London and its street art. Much like our school, this part of London is a hub of multiculturalism, and students were intrigued to hear about the rich history the area has.

Students spent lunch-time in the 400 year old Old Spitalfields Market before meeting up back in Liverpool Street.


William Shakespeare is an iconic figure in the fabric of England, and our students experienced first-hand what it was like to watch a play in the Elizabethan era, viewing Julius Caesar at The Globe.

London Eye

The next stop was a trip to one of London’s most visible landmarks, The London Eye. All the students managed to take many photos of the city from above.

Oxford Scholastica at the London Eye

The bus journey home included some key facts from Henry about the city as we traversed some important streets, such as Baker Street, home of Sherlock Holmes. Friday promises much more as we continue our summer journey.