Ice cream, at least in some sort of frozen milk-like confection form, has been around since the Tang Dynasty in China (618 – 907 AD). So that has given the human race more than a 1000 years to botch up this recipe with unusual flavours and we’ve certainly given it our best shot. Here’s our list of the top 5 most bizarre flavours we’ve come across.

  • Foie gras – the artisans from an ice cream shop in San Francisco thought, why not add some liver from a fattened bird? That’s sure to get the customers in
  • Chocolate-covered cicada – employees collected the big bugs, trimmed the wings and dipped them in sugar and milk chocolate. Yummy – candied insects
  • Cheddar cheese – if the finest Manhattan clientele enjoys this on their cheese board, why not serve if for their ice cream too?
  • Wasabi – there may not be raw fish included, but this spicy and exotic mixture is sure to leave your taste buds burning
  • Pizza – dinner and dessert all in one. The efficient ice cream. Enough said


In a recent Oxford Scholastica Academy team vote, our favourite flavour is Dime Bar Crunch from local ice cream parlour G&Ds (Jamie particularly likes it with gummy bears and hot chocolate fudge sauce) – luckily enough, we’ll be visiting G&Ds during the summer school so if you’re joining us you may well get hooked!

Photo by Talkie_tim (CC BY-SA 2.5)