hallHollywood step aside! Pinewood Studios (producers of the global franchises James Bond and Superman) take a seat. Most film-buffs have heard of these two film locations. However, Oxford can take its place as a quiet but proud film location, particularly over recent years.

Tomorrow Never Dies (James Bond), X-Men First Class and 102 Dalmatians (which was partly filmed at Oxford Prison, very close to the our accommodation!) have seen Oxford paraded on the silver screen, showing off the city’s stunning architecture.

However it has been the world of children’s fantasy fiction that has launched Oxford’s background into the limelight. First came Philip Pullman with his award winning His Dark Materials trilogy, triumphing in books stores and cinema alike.

Then came the Harry Potter series. With it, a new generation of youngsters can identify some of Oxford’s most famous sights, with Christ Church’s dining hall taking centre stage as the famous Hogwart’s dining hall – this is destined to be on every tourist’s visit to Oxford.

Photo by Mike Peel (CC BY-SA 2.5)