The students have had a chance to relax and play today.

The morning gave them the chance to test out their skill on the football pitch, with a small soccer tournament. Hamza played the game of his life, as he scored two goals in the first game. Honourable mentions go out to Roy and Kostos for shoring up the defence.

Some of the students had the opportunity to meet our ‘Heroes’, successful young professionals in the early stages of their career who talked about their experiences in the students’ chosen subject areas. Bob, our Young Doctors’ Academy Hero, is a Junior Doctor in Oxford, and taught the Young Doctors how to do keyhole surgery using a contraption he created to mimic the skill. The Enterprise students met Ben, a young entrepreneur, who shared his experiences of setting up a venture. These sessions gave the students the chance to see what their courses look like in practice and offer a glimpse of what it might be like to be a working professional.

In the afternoon, many of the cohort went to Bicester Village, shopping capital of Oxfordshire, to sample the various outlets and collect a few souvenirs. Hend expressed an interest in ancient monuments, so later in the day we took a trip to the Ashmolean Museum, where we observed statues that were over 2000 years old.

World Cup Final

The day was finished off with the watching of the World Cup Final.

World Cup

We had a large contingent of German supporters on the summer school, including Julian (pictured) and Dobbie, so there were very loud celebrations when Mario Gotze scored the winning goal. Tomorrow we debate at the Oxford Union, stage for some of the world’s most prominent speakers.