Lampl Guys Graduation

Graduation day was filled with lots of tearful farewells and parents beaming with pride. The day started off with everyone attending their final classes before spending their last free time in the city picking up Oxford treats and souvenirs for friends and family back home.

Graduation JanHugo

After lunch, everyone began preparing for the Graduation evening. Some students were busy writing speeches and practising in front of their mirrors; others were modelling their graduation outfits for feedback from their friends.

Enterprise Graduation Class

In the evening, the parents began to arrive to Oxford and gather in the Nelson Mandela auditorium at the Saïd Business School. The students arrived together and silence was banished from the hall until Jamie, one of OSA’s founders, broke the noise to welcome all and give his opening address. Then students from each course spoke about their experiences and highlighted favourite moments from their course and time in Oxford. Joachim’s speech, titled “Mama, I made it!”, managed to highlight what all the students were feeling and got a standing ovation.

Girls Graduation

Following the speeches and the academic awards, students and their parents headed to the garden to enjoy a barbecue dinner.  The evening closed with an exciting Ceilidh, where the students danced the evening away in the traditional Scottish fashion.

Dance After Graduation