The last full day of the summer school was filled with both celebration and reflection on everyone’s time together. Students spent the morning in their final lessons, and used their afternoon free time to pack their belongings and say some goodbyes.

In the evening, students, along with their families and friends, gathered at the Saïd Business School for the Graduation Ceremony. Following speeches from Jamie and each Head of House, detailing the highlights of the summer school, students also gave speeches about their Academic Challenges and time at Oxford Scholastica. After a moving speech by Sam Hobson, who talked about how the 119 students had quickly grown into one big family, the ceremony concluded with a presentation about our Alumni Foundation, and some videos summing up the students’ time in Oxford.

Following dinner and hundreds of group photos, students went straight into a ceilidh, led by Swinging Molly. The ceilidh is a traditional Scottish dance, popular at all kinds of celebrations. With students exhausted from a night of dancing and socializing, everyone returned back to the accommodation to sign each other’s yearbooks and head for bed for the last time. The final task for the summer – saying goodbyes on Saturday morning and flying home.