Oxford Tour

The first full day of the summer school began with breakfast in the houses, where close friendships were cemented over waffles. Our students then had a welcome talk with Jamie and Georgia before making their way to introductory classes to meet their tutors and subject groups for the first time.

Radcliffe Camera Oxford

Lunchtime was a chance to explore the centre of Oxford with new friends – particular highlights were Sasi’s Thai and Ben’s Cookies in the Covered Market. After lunch, the students were taken on tours of Oxford by our Activities Coordinators, during which they learned about the history of famous buildings such as the Radcliffe Camera and Christ Church, where Harry Potter was filmed.

Group Photo Rad Cam

They also heard the stories behind Oxford traditions such as ‘trashing’ and May Day. After completing their exams, Oxford students get ‘trashed’ by their friends and classmates by being covered in confetti, string and foam in one last celebration before they leave the world of academia. Some students managed to get photos of Oxford University students graduating and even found a few red telephone booths to pose in.

Ice Cream G Ds

In the evening, everyone put all this knowledge to the test in a Scavenger Hunt around Oxford, where teams had to race against time to complete questions and tasks. One of the tasks involved running around the Radcliffe Camera and another involved finding a gargoyle that looked similar to an Activities Coordinator. Dinner was eaten in restaurants around town, and the day ended with some much-needed ice cream from the famous G & D’s ice cream parlour. Everyone was glad to end the day on such a sweet note, and wanted some rest before the first full day of classes tomorrow.