Culture and Activities

During your time with us you'll get to experience all the best culture and activities that Oxford has to offer, as well as our famous Oxford Scholastica International Ball on a boat!

Swinging Molly Ceilidh

On your last evening, after our Graduation Ceremony, we’ll be dancing the night away with Swinging Molly.

  • Learn how to dance in traditional Scottish Dancing ‘ceilidh’ fashion
  • You’ll jig to Strip the Willow, the Dashing White Sergeant and the Virginia Reel
  • Check out local band Swinging Molly’s tunes here
Oxford's Got Talent

Oxford's Got Talent

On our penultimate evening of the summer school, you’ll get to experience the Oxford Scholastica talent show, Oxford’s Got Talent

  • Watch your fellow students shine as they compete for the judges’ votes
  • Show off your dance moves, acting talents, musical skills or whatever takes your fancy
  • Who will win this year’s talent show?
Cupcake baking

Cupcake Baking

Get your aprons messy in our introductory cupcake making classes, where you’ll get hands-on experience in how to decorate the perfect cupcake!

  • Master how to use piping to create different effects on your cupcake
  • Learn how to ice by hand and garnish with a range of toppings and flavourings
  • Finally, sit back and enjoy the taste of your brand new creations!

Visit Oxford's Museums

Discover Oxford’s world-famous museums, including:

  • The Ashmolean, the world’s first university museum which includes paintings by Picasso, drawings by da Vinci, antiquities from Egypt and much more
  • The Pitt Rivers, Oxford’s most unique museum containing curiosities donated by Lt-General Pitt Rivers in the 19th c. – including Amazonian shrunken heads
  • Modern Art Oxford, which has housed famous contemporary art including Tracey Emin’s works
Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Get to know Oxford in our unique scavenger hunt on your first day.
  • Race against the clock to complete bizarre tasks in historic settings
  • Who will win the phonebox selfie competition this year?
  • Can you locate the largest number of Union Jacks in Oxford?
Oxford's spires

Oxford Tour

There is much to see in one of the world’s most historic cities, so let us show you round:
  • Discover the ‘city of dreaming spires’, and see the architectural inspirations behind Harry Potter
  • See the historic location where bishops Latimer, Ridley and Cranmer were burnt at the stake for heresy
  • Explore the university colleges, and see where Prime Ministers, Olympians and Nobel Prize winners have been educated
Punting and dancing were my most memorable parts of the summer school, because they were very unusual and entertaining activities.
Alexia Morgan Crutescu, Romania


Balls are a great Oxford student tradition, and we’ll be holding the famous Oxford Scholastica International Ball on a historic boat on the River Thames!

Here is your invitation:

You are invited to the Oxford Scholastica International Ball. This is your chance to represent your nation’s cultural heritage on a jaunt down the River Thames.

Come prepared for an evening of global showcasing and fine company. Acceptable dress includes formal to smart casual dress, traditional national dress and any other costume that you can convince us is appropriate!

Remember to include something to identify the country (or countries) you are representing…

Oxford Scholastica International Ball

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