Oxford Union Library

On an overcast Monday, the students headed over to the Oxford Union in order to participate in the Debating Masterclass. For some students, the class was their first introduction to debating, but for others it was an exciting new stage on which to showcase their debating skills after weeks or months of practice.

Debate at OU

First, everyone was taught the basics of the British Parliamentary style of debate. The format is the international standard for university-level competitive debating. During the Masterclass, students learnt that a good argument has content, style, and strategy, and got to practise in teams in order to prepare for the debating competition. The Oxford Union is a world renowned debating society that has hosted notable politicians, famous musicians and actors, and leading figures from the world of sport, science, journalism and the arts.

Debate Masterclass

Those who excelled in the practice round and wanted to compete in the debating chamber went on to the Semi-Finals where they split into pairs and argued for or against classic debating topics. Some of the topics debated included quotas for women in government and the legalisation of recreational drugs. Finally, after dinner, everyone headed into the famous Oxford Union debating chamber for the Final on the topic of police brutality.

Debate Semi-Finals

With the day coming to an end, everyone headed back to the accommodation to relax and prepare for another exciting day to come. The four final debating pairs, Amal and Kinan, Mahima and Ariana, Neel and Edoardo, and Albi and Rowan practically skipped on the walk back to the accommodation, beaming with pride and excitement.