Our noble running club headed off again in the morning, with stalwart Tyson leading the charge. In the second week of the course, students began to delve even deeper into their course work and final deadlines for assignments began to loom on the horizon. One of the highlights of the summer school, our Debating Masterclass in the Oxford Union, was a focus of the afternoon and evening. With a large number of excellent orators in the group, each of the debates were fiercely fought, with Cate, Odessa and Laila picking up awards later in the evening for their skill earlier in the day. Despite many debating in the British Parliamentary style for the first time, competition for the finals was incredibly strong and this lead to an intense final debate. Chaired by Shanai and expertly timed by Allie, the debate included impassioned speeches by each team, and William N walked away with best speaker despite his opponents triumphing.