On Sunday our students began their day with Hero sessions, where they got to meet a young professional in their field and learn about their career path, and what a day in their life is actually like. These sessions were enlightening for all our students, and left them with a better idea of what their careers could actually look like. Some of them even got to try out some practical tasks, like our Young Doctors, who tried out keyhole surgery using a cardboard box!

After a well earned brunch in the beautiful surroundings of Corpus Christi College, where students got to experience a full English breakfast, they enjoyed an afternoon of free time. Some explored the museums, some the parks, and some preferred to do some shopping, but they all reconvened at 5pm for a buffet dinner before the main event of the day – the much anticipated ball!

All of our students had really made an effort and looked spectacular, though special mention must go to Zubeida for her amazing bejewelling. Once they had made it onto the boat where the ball was held, they spent a fun three hours gliding down the Thames enjoying chatting, magic tricks, and a lot of dancing!