With the first week of the summer school coming to an end, everyone was preparing for their course Challenges, which were mostly held on Saturday afternoon. After lunch, the Young Doctors’ Academy and Discover Medicine students met at the John Radcliffe Hospital in order to learn more about taking patients’ histories and how to properly make diagnoses. The students had the opportunity to speak with patients and hear their medical backgrounds before presenting their findings to the tutors.

Law Course

The Engineers were divided into two competing teams and tasked with building a low-cost, structurally functional, and aesthetically pleasing miniature bridge. Sunny’s team won the challenge with successfully building a functional and low-cost bridge. Nour’s team took the prize for the most aesthetically pleasing bridge, even though it failed to meet the structural requirements.

Engineering Challange

The Young Lawyer’s Academy held a mock trial where the students took on the roles of prosecution and defence lawyers, the judge, victims, and witnesses in a high profile, international trial. The Leadership and Debate & Public Speaking classes combined for a Model United Nations summit, putting in to practice the negotiation skills and international relations knowledge that they learned in their respective courses.

Discover Business

The Psychology students analysed a sample of the summer school students and staff for a research project. Roos’ and Izumi’s project dealt with the association between music genres and colours. All the summer school eagerly awaited hearing their results. The Creative Writing and the Discover Writing students created a book series and a magazine respectively.

Building a rocket

The Discover Business and Discover Technology students came together to build and launch a model rocket, and then pitch their rocket business to a panel of investors. The evening ended with Quiz Night in each of the three houses where the students were quizzed on their knowledge of Oxford Facts, History, Pop Culture, and even their very own Activities Coordinators.

Quiz Night