After a morning of classes where students brushed up on their knowledge, it was time for the famous OSA Challenge Afternoon.

Our Young Lawyers’ Academy headed to the Crown Court for a mock trial, whilst our Leadership & International Relations and Debate & Public Speaking students were trying out model UN. These formats were unfamiliar to most of our students, and they managed superbly, getting across their points and arguing calmly yet effectively.

Meanwhile our Engineering students were attempting to build bridges out of lollipop sticks, while our Computer Scientists and Enterprise students teamed up to design and create a mobile phone app and come up with an innovative marketing campaign for it.

Similar creativity was evident in our Creative Writing and Discover Writing courses, who developed their own film series, and looked at the art of screenplay writing.

Finally our Young Doctors,’ Discover Medicine, and Psychology Academy students tested out some real world research. Those studying medicine headed to the John Radcliffe Hospital to take patient histories, and get an insight into the real life of a doctor. Our Psychology students were tasked with creating their own research project, gathering information from respondents, and presenting their report.

After all the excitement of the afternoon, the students headed back for a relaxed dinner and film evening in their houses, ready to recover for another big day tomorrow.