We regularly profile some of our Heroes – these are inspirational young successful people, and this week we meet John. John is a junior financial markets trader at a top American investment bank. Having been an avid reader of fiction as a child, he went onto study Economics at Cambridge before entering the business world. We find out more about John in this week’s “60 Second” interview.

See an intriguing video of what life is like for some market traders:

  • What was your earliest ambition? To be a college professor. I loved the idea of having an office, with lots of books and being able to lecture and teach others.
  • What were your favourite subjects at high school? I really enjoyed German language (guten tag!) and Design Technology (where I had the chance to make a mini greenhouse). As I got older, I started to focus on the social sciences, such as Economics and History (I’d like to think that History can teach us some lessons, and hence why I think it’s a social science).
  • Did you have any summer school experiences? For a while as a teenager, I was particularly keen on technology, so I went a tech related summer programme and met some like-minded young students. We still keep in touch 10 years later!
  • How did you choose your university and subject? It was tough. There were so many great choices out there, in the UK and abroad. I went to an open day at Cambridge and instantly felt a connection with the place. As for Economics, I wanted a subject that would help me to understand the some of the issues surrounding our society and the tools/techniques to address them.
  • What advice do you give to aspiring high school students? Enjoy what you do. Successful people don’t worry too much about what exactly they’re doing in a particular moment, but they make sure when they do something, they really put all their effort into and try to enjoy it.