On Tuesday the weather finally broke, and our students got to experience the true British summer, with an afternoon of rain! The students had a choice of volunteering at Hogacre Common, or participating in our Change the World Masterclass, and had been gearing up for the day all morning.

Hogacre Common has a community garden, which our students had been excited to get to work on. Unfortunately, the rain caused a few problems, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of some of our students. Sam, Kelvin, and Caitlin from St Thomas’ in particular got stuck right in, and did a great job! Despite some muddy hands, all of our student had a great time, and were laughing and chatting about their experiences all the way back home.

Our Change the World Masterclass, led by Gabriel, focused on the practicalities of dealing with problems in the world, and how to create a solid action plan to tackle an issue. Small groups of students began by identifying problems that they wanted to take on, and over the course of the masterclass they came up with mission statements, goals, actionable solutions, and both short and long term plans. Ruth’s group, who chose to deal with body image, had some particularly great ideas, and even named their project – #nofilter. We hope to see them putting their plan into action soon!

In the evening, students gathered to hear from Michael Plant, who presented some of his exciting PhD research into the science of happiness. Lexie spoke up and made some great contributions, and all the students (and staff!) came away with some interesting and inspiring ideas about how to sustain long-lasting happiness.