On Tuesday, after a busy day of classes and socialising, the students focused on how they could impact the world in a positive way as both students and alumni of Oxford Scholastica Academy. Some students headed over to Hogacre Common to help a local charity build a children’s garden and learn about environmental sustainability.

Sara Volunteering The students found out how to make a difference in a practical way and developed a personal connection to the Oxford community. Sara was especially enthusiastic about the volunteering, and spent her time removing weeds and thistles out of the garden. Jack also worked diligently with a representative of the charity to create the foundation for the children’s garden.

Volunteering Photo

Other students decided to take part in the Change the World Masterclass, where they heard examples of individuals affecting change in a global context. They learnt about the tools they need to develop and how to put into action a plan for changing the world in a positive way. In the Masterclass, students also learnt how to set short, medium, and long-term goals for their projects and how to turn ideas into action. Finally, students worked with their classmates to identify causes they were passionate about and create executable plans to support those causes.

Fun at Volunteering

After dinner, everyone met in their houses to play Record Games and relax before preparing for the exciting London trip on Wednesday.