On Saturday, everyone was excited about the subject specific Challenges for each of the courses. After lunch, the Young Doctors’ Academy and Discover Medicine students headed off to the John Radcliffe hospital to learn how to take histories and diagnose patients.

The Young Lawyers’ Academy held a mock trial where the students took on the roles of the defence and prosecution lawyers, judges, as well as witnesses and criminals in a trial dealing with child soldier recruitment. The Debaters and Leaders took to the floor of a Model United Nations to practice negotiation and diplomacy techniques and attempt to solve a plethora of international problems.

The Psychology students analysed a sample of the summer school for a research project, whilst the Engineers split into two teams led by Montana and Maria and constructed bridges out of a variety of materials. Finally, the Creative Writing and the Discover Writing students worked on creating a book series and a magazine respectively.

The Enterprise and Computer Science students combined in teams to make their own mobile phone apps in conjunction with a business plan for a new enterprise. The ‘Taste of Home’ team, whose idea was to bring an app to the market that connects home cooks and consumers who would like to purchase home cooked food won the Challenge. With the strategy of a primary market entry into countries like India where not only is home cooking the preferred option, the business proposed to cater to the vast base of stay-at-home women and working professionals in the growing country via the app – all through the sharing economy of food. The Computer Science students produced well designed app and website prototypes that were exceptionally intricate given the time limit.

The evening was dominated by the OSA Quiz, where each house split into teams and were quizzed on their knowledge of a variety of topics including History, Pop Culture, Oxford Facts, and their very own Activities Coordinators.