It’s Challenge Day today! Our students are putting their learning into practice through interactive and fun challenges related to their courses.

The Law students kicked off the day by visiting Oxford Crown Court for the Mock Law Challenge. In a historic setting, Saaniya, Fatma, Alicia, Mehak, Shannon and Anushri showed off their skills. They debated the case of an environmental campaigner who had set fire to a field of GM crops only for the fire to spread to the farmer’s house and burn the house down. This involved arguing from difficult positions and thinking on their feet.

Oxford Scholastica Oxford Law summer school

There was an element of collaboration to the challenges as the Computer Science and Enterprise cohort combined to make their own mobile phone app. Julian, Nicole, Mehar, Praveen and Maya produced a dazzling pitch for a new online app which impressed the judges. Confidence in presentation is something we are happy to see in students and we will ensure the best pitch will be presented at the graduation evening.

The Young Doctors travelled to a local hospital to engage in a Mock Clinic Challenge, where they interviewed real-life patients, while the Creative Writing students put together an online anthology of creative writing. Finally, the Debate & Public Speaking and the Leadership students combined to hold a Model United Nations.

For dinner, we embraced an old British tradition of eating fish and chips, followed by birthday celebrations for Svaraj who celebrated his 13th birthday (only joking Svaraj!) with a cake baked by Sophie and beautifully decorated by in-house icing expert Bella.

At the end of the day we sat down to do a quiz, where students were tested on their knowledge of topics from Sport to Politics; the ‘Eagles’ seemed to possess the most general knowledge as Amanda  conquered the quotes round and regained ground in the group leaderboard. Tomorrow ushers in the first ‘Hero’ sessions, where students get the chance to meet successful professionals in their own field; we hope you join us as we continue to be inspired!