One of Britain’s most distinguished libraries, the Bodleian in Oxford has been seating scholars since the 1600s and has enough books to give every single man, woman and child in Belgium their own Oxford souvenir. View the video to see inside the historic Bodleian.

A competition to design a new chair for the Bod has ended, producing the third new chair in the library’s history. The library said the new three-legged seat would join “an illustrious group of historic chairs that have supported readers over the centuries” – quite literally in this case!

Here at the Oxford Scholastica Academy, we have chosen our top 5 most famous hot seats and chairs in the UK:

  • Each week, Britain’s Prime Minister (currently former Oxford alumnus David Cameron) gets grilled by his opposition politicians and is only comforted by the cosiness of his green leather seat in the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.
  • When Queen Elizabeth rose to the British throne in 1952, she sat upon The Coronation Chair. The oldest chair in this list, it dates back to 1296 from the reign of King Edward I. At some stage, Prince William and indeed baby Prince George will take their seat on this chair too. Read more about unusual gifts given to the new baby Prince, including a crocodile and a lullaby.
  • Those familiar with one of Britain’s most famous entrepreneurs, the wheeler-dealer Lord Alan Sugar, will have seen his TV show The Apprentice, where Lord Sugar will fire (and hire) his apprentices from his boardroom chair.
  • Some would say the “hottest seat” in England is the national football (or soccer for our US friends!) manager’s chair in the dugout at the world famous Wembley Stadium.
  • Let us not forget Oxford’s own student debating society, the Oxford Union – the grandeur of the President’s chair in the main debating hall is something that our own students may get a chance to sneakily sit upon! See a video of Gangnam Style pop star Psy performing at the Oxford Union.

Photo by ahisgett (CC BY 2.0)