The Boat Race - picture

There are few stronger university rivalries than that of Oxford University and Cambridge University, and at no time is it more visible than in The Boat Race. First raced on the 10th of June 1829, The Boat Race is the annual rowing competition between the two universities.

Oxford University is the current reigning champion with a total of 79 wins, while Cambridge retains the advantage over the lifetime of the competition with 81 wins. There has been a single dead heat and it remains heavily disputed to this day. Since its inception, the race has borne witness to several mutinies, a number of the boats have sunk mid race, and in 2012 it was the scene of a political protest that forced a temporary halt.

This year’s race took place on Saturday the 11th of April and was notable as it was the first year that the female crew race the same course and day as the male crews. Oxford triumphed in both races, and you can read the full match report here.

Competing rowers are known as Blues, with Oxford in dark blue and Cambridge in lighter blue. Typically they endure extremely tough training six days per week for half a year in preparation. There is usually upwards of 250,000 people lining the length of the course and the race is streamed both nationally and internationally.

Tune in next year and support the crews!

Photo by zoonabar under CC 2.0.