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Dec 27, 2019Get the Edge

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Deciding which activities will most positively impact your child’s summer can be difficult. With so many options for productive summer activities, how can you choose just one? We want to help you work out whether an Oxford summer course would be the right fit for your child. So we’ve put together a selection of reasons why studying in Oxford is an unforgettable experience!

This article outlines just some of the skills your child will develop on a summer school abroad with Oxford Scholastica.

Not only will these skills enhance your child’s CV, they’ll also ensure that he or she emerges a more confident, skilled and independent person at the end of summer. The Oxford experience will promote your child’s future success! So here are some key skills that students will take away from this life-changing experience.


Improved academic skills


With small classes and expert tutors, an Oxford summer school course can boost your child’s academic skills. At the Oxford Scholastica Academy, students study on the Oxford University campus and receive teaching from outstanding tutors. Many of our tutors teach at leading UK universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Whether students are struggling or top of their class, a summer school takes them to the next level. The extra tuition will help to improve your child’s grades, and increase their opportunities for future success. A review of 93 evaluations of summer schools, published by the Society for Research in Child Development, found that summer programs have a positive impact on participants’ knowledge and skills.

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New academic skills


Oxford Scholastica Academy courses are structured around key content areas, including technology, business, medicine, law, engineering, writing and politics. Let your child discover how business really works. Or perhaps your child is intrigued by engineering and wants a chance to explore, design and physically build machines and structures. 

The point is that these courses are not offered at most schools. So this means your child gains exposure to fascinating new subjects to help make the best career choice at a later stage. 


Useful practical skills


An Oxford summer course is not just about academic learning. Skills-based Masterclasses and Challenges stretch students and build their capacity to apply their knowledge in the real world. Opportunities like these are a unique way of learning via practical experiences. And this is a vital part of our learning philosophy at Oxford Scholastica. For example, your child could start diagnosing real patients in the Experience Medicine Academy, or code an app in our Experience Computer Science & Coding Academy.

To learn by doing is of critical importance, states the latest Mitchell Institute report. And increasingly, students need to experience the world of work before leaving school, because jobs in the digital age are changing at such a rapid pace.

On entering an international summer school at the Oxford Scholastica Academy, your child will be immersed in hands-on interactive learning.

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Vital social skills


“No man is an island entire of itself,” says John Donne, the famous English poet who studied at the University of Oxford. The skills learnt from an Oxford summer abroad extend well beyond the academic or individualistic to include the interpersonal. Namely, your child will learn to get along and make friends with people from all over the world. 

The opportunity to build a global network of peers teaches invaluable skills. Recently, the New York Times reported that there “is almost unanimous agreement among researchers” that building relationships with people is integral for a vibrant career.

Because of the family atmosphere at the Oxford Scholastica Academy, it’s easy to make friends! Each year, students report on the “wonderful family atmosphere” they experienced. Bella Catten, an American student who attended the Experience Creative Writing Academy, says:

“What truly made the Oxford Scholastica Academy special was the people I met. From literally all over the globe, I now feel as if I could fly or drive anywhere, and land in a place where I could find old friends.”


summer school social skills

Essential personal skills


Give your child a boost, raise their confidence and improve their communication skills with a summer course abroad. With the support of a youthful and energetic staff, students are encouraged to leave their comfort zone. As a result, we see our students develop an increased independence, healthy self-belief and confidence in public speaking. 

Many parents report that sending their child abroad for a summer course was one of the best decisions they ever made for their child’s future. A recent survey, published by the Institute of International Education, found that graduates’ problem-solving skills increased by 87% following a study abroad experience. 

In addition, many overseas students choose to enrol on a summer school programme in the UK to extend their spoken and written English skills, necessities for studying at an English-speaking university.




The Oxford Scholastica Academy offers accredited courses to 12-18 year olds in the historical and scholarly city of Oxford, a major drawcard for a course abroad. This summer course will not only boost your child’s academic level, but also his or her personal and social skills.

Download our brochure of carefully curated courses designed to inspire young people to reach their full potential. 


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