Free Time Oxford

By Sunday, everyone was settled comfortably into their daily routines and relaxed after successfully completing the academic Course Challenges. After a busy morning, the students had free time and several great options as to how to spend it. Some students decided to explore the Ashmolean Museum and stopped for a few more scoops of everyone’s favourite G & D’s ice-cream.

G&Ds Oxford

By this point, Paul has sampled G & D’s at least 4 times, and had some good flavor recommendations for the rest of the group. Not even the ice-cream could distract Ioannis from debating on the virtues of existentialism as he walked down the streets of Oxford.

Museum in Oxford

The more competitive students decided to go play football in their free time. Football fever didn’t stop after the game, as the UEFA Final between Portugal and France kicked off in the evening. Students from Lampl decided to go all out and support their chosen teams with face and hair painting. It was clear to see the stark divide between the red, green, and gold coloured Portugal fans and the red, white, and blue France fans.

Portugal Fans

The football viewing party started in good spirits as the French fans confidently marched into the common room singing the French national anthem, but the Portugal fans got the last laugh in the end when Eder scored the winning goal against France.