In the second in our series, we look at famous books which we love and recommend reading.

Three men in a boat

Three Men in a Boat is a book published in 1889 by the splendidly named Jerome K Jerome. The full title of the book is Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog), which hints at its jovial nature – though the book was first intended to be a reliable travel guide.

The story starts in Kingston upon Thames, a London suburb, where three friends Jerome, Carl and George, decide they have been working too hard and need a holiday. They eventually decide to journey up the river Thames all the way to Oxford by camping skiff – a boat which doubles up as a floating tent at night.

Three Men in a Boat map

The book relays their adventures, travelling to places like Hampton Court Palace, Magna Carta, Marlow and eventually Oxford, during which time they get up to all sorts of comedic escapades.

While not well received by the critics of the time, the public loved it – and they still do today, as adventurous travellers seek to replicate the route.

You can find the book on Amazon here.

Map by Grzegorz B.