Best Travel Options When Attending An Oxford Scholastica Summer School

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You’ve booked an Oxford Scholastica Academy course, and you’re looking forward to the most memorable summer of your life. Now it’s just a matter of travelling to Oxford, where you’ll get the chance to experience a city of great culture, architecture and history.

But what are your best travel options for an international student wanting to visit Oxford University in the summer? Where are the nearest airports to Oxford University? What happens if you’re travelling alone to Oxford? Read on to find out about the best travel options to Oxford University and its surroundings.


Which are the nearest airports to Oxford University


If you’re wanting to get your bearings, Oxford is situated around 60 miles (approximately 96 kilometres) from London. Luckily, there are excellent transport links into the city. Most international students fly via London Heathrow or London Gatwick airports, which are about 60-90 minutes away. Because it’s closer, we recommend Heathrow. 

If you’re arriving at Heathrow airport, you’ll be able to spot Oxford Scholastica staff, and we offer direct transfers to the summer school at a cost of £150. Birmingham, Luton or Stansted airports can also be used to travel to Oxford. 


Getting from London to Oxford University


From London to Oxford, you can either travel via train or bus. If you’re after speed, the train journey is between 30-40 minutes faster than the bus, with a travel time of approximately an hour on the faster services. A bus can take up to four hours if multiple stops are involved. Upon arrival in Oxford, both the railway and bus stations are very close to each other and not far from Oxford’s town centre. There are two train stations – Oxford and Oxford Parkway. It’s about a ten minute walk from Oxford Station to the city centre.

Oxford Scholastica summer school

Travelling alone to Oxford – is this possible? 


It is certainly possible! Here are some tips if your child is feeling a little daunted, because he or she is not used to travelling alone.

  • It’s best to arrive at London Heathrow airport. This is the easiest airport from which to get to Oxford. Oxford Scholastica’s friendly staff members will be present on arrival day at Heathrow. They can give you contact numbers should you need them. 
  • If you’re catching the Oxford Scholastica minibus transfer from Heathrow Airport, you will receive extremely detailed instructions (with lots of photos) on how to find your meeting point at Heathrow Airport. You’ll head to Oxford with a group of new summer school friends!
  • Oxford Scholastica can also provide a link for you to book a taxi from any airport or arrival destination. Their driver will have your name on a board and will meet you in the arrivals part of the airport. They will then chauffeur you directly to the campus.
  • Oxford Scholastica can also provide the details of the direct bus service, accessible from Heathrow and Gatwick airports, which will take you to Oxford. The campus is only a couple of minutes from the bus station.
  • For ultimate peace of mind, Oxford Scholastica has members of staff at every terminal at Heathrow airport on arrival and departure day to help students find their way to their preferred method of transport and to support them in case they have any issues.
  • Oxford Scholastica also offers an ‘unaccompanied minor service’ for flights arriving within the times our staff are at the airport.  Alternatively, a service called Airport Angels is recommended. 
walking around Oxford

How do students get around Oxford? 


Although Oxford revolves around its prestigious university, there are so many things to do in this ancient and culturally-rich city. What’s more, you can do many of them for free! You could visit the Ashmolean Museum, housed in a classical building inspired by Greek architecture, or walk around Christ Church Meadow, a popular spot for picnics.

Oxford Scholastica Academy students tend to walk around Oxford. They walk to their classes, activities, talks, and dinners. Excursions, which could include a Windsor Castle trip or visiting Blenheim Palace, are likely to be via coach. 


If students want to leave Oxford to visit London or somewhere else, what advice do you give them?


The course programme at Oxford Scholastica tends to be packed full of classes, activities and social time. Therefore, we don’t encourage sightseeing or visiting family during the programme, because students are likely to miss out on something important! Students need to complete a minimum number of hours of academic work too, otherwise they are not allowed to graduate.

However, we do understand that some students may want to make the most of their time in the UK, especially if they haven’t visited before. So we can and will help them to facilitate independent trips outside of the city. If students are 15 years or older, they can leave the summer school unaccompanied, with express permission from a parent or guardian. Students aged between 11 and 14 must be accompanied by either a family member or verified friend should they wish to take a break from the summer school.  

To conclude, a summer abroad at Oxford, one of the most fascinating cities in the world, will leave you with lasting memories. We are here to help, to make your travelling experience as easy and stress-free as possible!


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