Arts and Humanities summer school

Arts and Humanities Summer School

Join our Arts and Humanities Summer School courses held on the Oxford University campus and discover, experience and prepare for life in anything from Law to Politics.

Oxford Arts and Humanities Summer School

Whether you’re a budding lawyer or interested in finding out more about politics, our Arts and Humanities Summer School courses will give you the valuable insights you need to make the right choices for your education and career. Amidst the dreaming spires of Oxford, you’ll study alongside ambitious students from around the world, leaving with a clearer idea of the next steps for your studies.

Our arts and humanities programmes allow you to choose the subject you’re interested in, whether that’s law, politics and international relations, leadership and public speaking, or business. As well as thinking in depth about issues and concepts related to your chosen subject, you’ll also take part in practical activities designed to put your knowledge to the test, such as a mock court trial on our law courses. 

You’ll meet someone who’s already working in the profession you’re interested in, so you’ll have the chance to ask all your questions. Whichever subject you choose, you’ll develop important transferable skills that will stand you in good stead whatever you decide to pursue at university and beyond.

The Best Courses, The Best People, Your Future Success:

Get the Oxford Experience

Students in class

The Best Arts and Humanities Courses

High school summer arts and humanities courses designed to stimulate, stretch and challenge you – whatever your subject knowledge

Arts and Humanities summer courses tutor

The Best People

Taught by tutors from world-class institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities

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Your future SUCCESS

An arts and humanities summer school designed to help you discover, experience and prepare for a successful future

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Get the Oxford Experience

Delivered on the prestigious Oxford University campus

Arts and Humanities Summer School Testimonials

My two weeks at Oxford Scholastica was a really wonderful experience. I got the chance to explore what Law is really about. The classes were very interesting and I loved how the tutor made the class very interactive, not to mention the Masterclasses. Each day we learnt different topics based on real-life events which prepped us for the long-awaited ‘Challenge Day’, which was a blast. We got the chance to explore the beauty of Oxford in the two weeks. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. The programme was one of the best things that has ever happened for me.

Ravi Amarendra

Indonesia, Experience Law Academy

It just surpassed our expectations in every way – pre-attendance organisation, facilities, high level of the programme, challenging course, interesting and diverse attendees from all around the world, dedicated creative teachers, great balance of time working and time for personal endeavors and friend making, supportive staff, teamwork oriented, family-like atmosphere, caring and nurturing environment, academically and personally challenging, true college campus experience…in short, just exceeded all expectations.
Bill & Tanya Mateo

Russia, Parents of Paulina

I have taught with Oxford Scholastica for a number of years and am consistently impressed by the excellent experience students are offered. As both a former teacher and university admissions advisor at a leading UK school, I can say with confidence that OSA students are offered an invaluable opportunity to explore what really interests them, and prepare for their path to university. It really does give students an advantage.

Jo Cruse

Tutor, and former teacher at leading UK school

Why choose our Arts and Humanities Summer School?

If you’re interested in exploring more about your subject, keen to pursue an arts and humanities course at university, or see yourself as a future politician, lawyer or business person, this summer school is for you. Whichever subject you choose, you can expect:

  • Expert tuition from our predominantly Oxbridge-educated faculty
  • Study programmes that combine classroom-based learning with real-life experiences, such as taking part in a mock trial or creating and editing a magazine
  • All the information you need to help you prepare for your future. We have a proven track record of preparing thousands of high school students for future success
  • To work on transferable skills that will help you with university and future employment, such as good teamwork and communication skills.

What can you expect from our Arts and Humanities Summer School?

At Oxford Scholastica, we have several arts and humanities courses for you to choose from, but whichever one you decide on, we will:

High school summer Arts and Humanities student discussions

Get you thinking about the complexities of your chosen subject, with reference to real-life cases and situations

Arts and Humanities summer school students with staff member

Allow you to live and work as an arts and humanities student, with first class teaching from our expert team of tutors

Arts and Humanities summer courses students in class

Introduce you to someone who’s working in the career you’re interested in, so you can quiz them about what it’s really like to work in their profession

High school summer Arts and Humanities Hero

Enable you to grow your own network of fellow students and join our community of Oxford Scholastica Academy alumni

Debate at Arts and Humanities summer school

Guide you through a fully accredited course on an arts and humanities subject of your choice

Arts and Humanities Summer School meeting

Explain the options open to you for studying your chosen subject at university

Arts and Humanities summer courses students studying

Help you decide exactly which aspect of the arts and humanities you would like to go on to study at university

Student networks

Give you real-life experiences by challenging you to take part in activities such as a ‘moot’ or mock trial in a court in Oxford, or our United Nations challenge

Arts and Humanities summer courses students at graduation

Allow you to graduate in a formal Graduation Ceremony held at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School when you’ve completed your course

You’ll be spending two weeks studying on the historic Oxford University campus, where you’ll immerse yourself in your chosen subject in the company of other ambitious students. Whether you’re fascinated by international relations or law, or you want to develop your skills in business or public speaking, we have an arts and humanities course for you.

How does our Arts and Humanities Summer School offer you an authentic university experience?

  • You’ll be taught by first-class tutors in small classes inspired by the university style of learning
  • You’ll study and socialise on the prestigious Oxford University campus, taking part in fun Oxford activities such as punting in your free time
  • You’ll be introduced to university-level thinking on a variety of issues and concepts around your chosen subject
  • You’ll share your experiences on the summer school with like-minded students from all over the world – the start of your future professional network
  • If you’re looking for an authentic experience of what it’s like to study at university, our summer school is for you.

Why study arts and humanities?

Many of our arts and humanities students go on to study a related subject at university once they’ve left us, but why study an arts and humanities discipline?

Arts and Humanities summer school student speaking

You’ll be intellectually challenged

While science subjects are often about right and wrong answers, there’s a lot of room for debate and interpretation in arts and humanities subjects, which will appeal to you if you enjoy tackling multifaceted issues and arguing a point.

Develop transferable skills

The skills you learn through studying arts and humanities stand you in good stead for your future at university or in your career, such as the ability to critically appraise complex evidence and to communicate effectively.

Bridge of Sighs photo
Arts and Humanities summer school students at graduation

Wide range of career options

An arts and humanities subject prepares you for a huge range of potential careers, whether they’re directly related to your subject or not. For example, studying leadership and public speaking gives you knowledge and skills that can be applied to virtually any line of work.

Earn a good living

Many arts and humanities subjects, such as politics and law, put you on track to earn a good salary in a prestigious line of work.

Classroom discussions at the high school summer Arts and Humanities programme
Arts and Humanities summer courses friends

Whatever interests you, it’s likely there is a degree to suit you

Arts and Humanities courses are varied, and cover a lot of ground. Whether you’re particularly interested in the creative industries, or want to guide others through the legal system, you’re bound to find something that appeals in this faculty.

Map of students

Meet Arts and Humanities Students from Around the World

This past summer, students from 85 different nationalities chose to experience our arts and humanities summer school:

out of 10 students said our arts and humanities summer courses were one of the most memorable summers of their life

out of 10 students said that our high school summer arts and humanities courses gave them greater certainty about their future direction

out of 10 parents said they would recommend our arts and humanities summer courses to other parents

Graduation at the Said Business School

Inspected and Accredited

Our arts and humanities summer courses have been independently accredited by the British Accreditation Council as a short course provider for Independent Further and Higher Education. The BAC have assessed our teaching quality, pastoral care, and overall standards.

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