After months of anticipation, arrival day for the Oxford Scholastica Academy dawned. Students from all over the world flowed in throughout the afternoon, excitedly exploring their homes for the next two weeks and enthusiastically greeting their new classmates. After settling in, the students with parents in tow moved over to the nearby Oxford castle complex to soak up the sun. As the day turned into evening, any remaining parents headed off and the students enjoyed a BBQ dinner, eating and chatting against the back drop of the castle battlements, drinking soft drinks from jam jars in typically Oxford style. The games then begun as students were thrown into a broad range of challenging icebreakers and students struggled to remember the names of their entire summer school. As the sun began to set the students returned to their first night in their new accommodation. The combination of sun, jetlag and fatigue resulted in many getting an early night to prepare for the start of classes the following day.