Punting in Oxford

The first Wednesday of the summer school had a surprising start with a fire drill at 8am that awoke some late sleepers. Following breakfast, the students headed off to their classes, feeling comfortable and getting into the swing of the routine.

Armand Punting

After classes, private study time, and lunch, everyone set off to walk down to the Cherwell Boathouse where students got their first taste of the great Oxonian tradition of punting. Some brave volunteers decided to be the punters and other students, who wanted a more relaxed trip down the river, deigned to be the passengers in the punts.

Punting with Alex

Jeffrey and Thomas turned out to be natural punters, guiding their punts through the water with grace and speed much to the amazement their shipmates. Antonella was elected to be the captain of her punt – she sat at the head of the boat with the paddle and directed the alternating punters along the river. Tatiana was on a more charitable mission during the punting and decided to feed all the ducks and geese in the river with granola bars.

Lampl Punting

After a successful afternoon punting, the students made their way down to the nearby University Parks where sandwiches, drinks, and desserts awaited them for a traditionally British picnic. With games of Ultimate Frisbee, rugby, football, and cuppers starting right after dinner, the evening was filled with sport, laughs, and good fun.

Football in the Park