Student Ambassadors

Meet real OSA alumni, and ask them your questions about their experiences


17 | Psychology Academy | Hong Kong

Olivia was a student participating in the 2017 Psychology Academy during session 3. She was born in Canada, and raised in Hong Kong in an international environment. The best moment of the summer course for her was the Debating Masterclass because she had the opportunity to listen to different people’s perspectives, and discuss worldwide topics whilst learning how to debate, which was a new skill for her. Thanks to this Masterclass, Olivia has since been inspired to join her school’s Model United Nations team. She is currently aiming to study social sciences such as Sociology, Anthropology or Psychology in US or UK universities.


16 | Young Doctors’ Academy | Colombia

Mariana was a student participating in the 2017 Young Doctors’ Academy. She is both Colombian and French but has lived all her life in Colombia. Her favourite moment of the summer course was the Challenge day where she visited the local hospital in Oxford to meet and interview real patients. She got to experience what real doctors do when they meet patients. She also loved the punting afternoon and the chance to meet some awesome friends. She now is aiming to apply to a Colombian university to start her career as a doctor, but wants to win a scholarship to a university in the United States to finish her studies and specialise in Neurology or Pediatric Neurology.