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Here at the Oxford Scholastica Academy we want to help you stay in touch with your new friends, as well as connect with other bright, ambitious young people like you!

We have a huge network of people all over the world, both students and our OSA staff, who are ready to help you succeed in making your dreams a reality.

Through our blogs, alumni magazine, and social networks, you can stay up to date with what other students have gone on to do since their time at OSA, connect with like-minded individuals, and help us to support incredible projects!

An amazing cultural and educational experience! Definitely worth attending. OSA honestly defeated any doubts I had prior to travel! 

Aside from giving me a chance to learn about Medicine in a practical way that I would never had the chance to experience at my school, it also gave me new friends and increased my self-confidence.

I never thought that I could build such a strong relationship with a group of people in only two weeks!

Kamal Aziz

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A Day in the Life of a Psychology Student

What is university accommodation really like? How long does it actually take to get to class? How do you fit your work around social and extra-curricular activities? Today, Rowan tells us what it’s like to study Psychology at Roehampton University, and what a typical day in her life really looks like.

A Unique Summer – Jessie Hewison

Jessie attended Oxford Scholastica in 2014, and is now in her second year studying Maths at the University of Bath. Originally from the UK, she lived in Germany for many years before returning to England for university. In our first featured alumni blog, she talks...

Exploring the Future – Praveen Nair Mathavan

Praveen attended our Computer Science Academy in 2014, and is now studying Economics and Business in Maastricht, in the Netherlands. In this featured alumni blog, he tells us more about what he has been up to since his summer at OSA, and how he chose his degree...

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