Everyone was excited about Saturday’s subject specific Course Challenges that allow the students to put what they’ve learned over the first week of the summer school into practice.

Law Challance

The Computer Scientists joined forces with the Enterprise students to participate in the App-rentice Challenge where they designed and pitched a prototype of an app to a Dragons’ Den style panel of judges. The Young Doctors headed off to the hospital to learn about taking patients’ histories and to speak to patients about their medical conditions.


The Young Lawyers’ Academy met at the Saïd Business School to participate in a mock trial by taking on the roles of lawyers and judges in a criminal court. The Leaders and Debaters, armed with newly refined debating skills and international relations knowledge, joined together to participate in the International Diplomacy Challenge by simulating the UN Security Council.


The Psychology students designed a research project and then executed it by testing their hypotheses on a sample of OSA students and staff.  The Creative Writers worked together in the Book Series Challenge where they came up with a detailed outline of a book series, featuring intricate plot lines, well developed characters, and a mixture of genres. Finally, the Engineers divided into three teams to compete in the Bridge Building Challenge where students had to build working bridges that were aesthetically beautiful and low cost.

Winning Bridge

After a successful afternoon of Course Challenges, the students gathered together to celebrate their achievements with a delicious dinner and Quiz Night in the two houses.