Today, our students were supposed to experience some of the most quintessentially Oxonion activities – punting and picnicking. In the summer months the city is full of students and townspeople alike floating down the rivers, enjoying the nice weather.

However, they in fact got to experience something equally British – getting rained off! With the rain beating down, and no signs of the weather improving, punting was postponed and students settled down to an afternoon of games and activities.

A large game of Mafia broke out, which helped everyone to get to know each other, and bond even further – even while unable to speak! Elsewhere, pianos were played, songs were sung, and enthusiastic card game tournaments were held. There was even a large-scale charades game!

After this, the promised picnic appeared, albeit inside! Sandwiches and cakes were ferried to the common room, and eagerly devoured by our students. At last, they all settled down to watch a film, and hope for sunnier weather tomorrow.