An early morning awaited our students as they got ready for their first trip day of the summer school. We were off to England’s other famous university city, Cambridge – or, as it’s known to Oxford students, ‘The Other Place!’ The buses were surprisingly quiet as students and staff alike recovered by catching a few hours of extra sleep on the way, but everyone soon perked up as we neared the city. Kate’s bus got involved by answering a few questions about the two universities, such as which is older (Oxford), which has more colleges (Oxford), and which is more fun (definitely Oxford!)

The first stop was either a trip to the world-famous King’s College Chapel, where students marvelled at the history, and the beautiful architecture, or a chauffered punt tour around the college ‘backs.’ This hour long tour gave students a taste of how experts punt, after their own efforts yesterday, and was both informative and fun!

A long lunch break gave students the chance to explore a bit more of the city, and many took advantage of the university-wide open day taking place that day to have a look round some of the colleges, and get a taste of what studying at Cambridge might be like. Some students visited Jesus College with Lavinia, and got a special insight into the college, as she has just finished her degree there!

After lunch, there was a tour of St John’s, another very famous Cambridge College, and another opportunity to enjoy the now blazing sunshine on the punt tour. The man punting Sidney’s boat even broke the habit of a lifetime and agreed not to remind us that ‘Cambridge is better,’ at the end of the tour!

After a long and exciting day, the bus journey home was a well-needed break, and we returned home to a takeaway dinner and an early night!