The British weather again followed us to Windsor, where students valiantly kept up their spirits despite some heavy rain in the morning. After arriving, they braved the rain to wait for the famous Changing of the Guard parade, before visiting Windsor Castle for some indoor fun!

Some students chose to see the spectacular St George’s Chapel, while others chose the magnificent State Apartments, home to the monarchs of England for almost one thousand years. A few even patiently queued up to see Queen Mary’s Dollhouse – an incredible miniature house, rendered in amazing detail.

Once everyone emerged from the castle, the weather had improved slightly. This was perfect for our afternoon boat ride down the river, where we were able to relax and take in some of the famous sights of Windsor, including Eton College.

On our return to Oxford, students enjoyed a restaurant dinner before heading back to their houses for some quiet activities. The St George’s cohort had a spectacularly dramatic game of Mafia, which was even OSA themed, with everyone going to sleep at bedchecks, and waking up to different types of breakfast! Elsewhere arts and crafts were enjoyed, as well as board games and charades, while some students preferred to take this opportunity to get an early night and catch up on some sleep.