Finally the first day of summer school had arrived for our students, who flocked to meet our team from all parts of the globe! Our new arrivals were shown to their homes for the next couple of weeks at St Thomas’, St George’s, Lampl, and Cherwell. Despite the long journeys many of our students had made everyone was excited and full of enthusiasm for the upcoming summer!

Once our students had unpacked in their rooms and began to settle in, many began to explore Oxford and socialize with their house, meeting their classmates and soon to be friends for the summer! Our students could not have chosen a better day for their arrival, being welcomed by the rare sight of the English sun, on the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching a scorching 31 degrees. As parents and students moved into their rooms we all met for welcome drinks at Malmaison in the historic Oxford Castle.



After our students had said goodbye to their parents, the real fun could begin – a feast of a BBQ with a wide variety of food and drinks available which was heartily consumed by our students, hungry after a long day of travelling and excitement.



Once everyone had finished eating, our enthusiastic ACs led the way in helping everyone get to know each other through a range of icebreaker games. These went down very well with everyone having a great time. Luke’s game of Zap was a particular favorite, with friends eliminating each other and then getting to support the team of their choice!

After a very busy day our students finally headed back to their houses to be briefed on the day to come, getting to bed nice and early in order to prepare for their first classes in the morning.