The first full day of the summer school dawned cloudy, but that didn’t dampen our students’ spirits. After introductory classes with their new tutors, they had their first experience of our independent study time and diligently got to work on their assignments.

After a chance to explore Oxford with their new friends over lunchtime, the students gathered back at their houses ready to discover the city’s secrets with our city tours and scavenger hunt. On the tours, they had a chance to learn some little known facts about Oxford, as well as anecdotes from our Activities Coordinators, most of whom are currently studying at Oxford University.

One of the best tour guides though turned out to be Sean, who turned one of the tours into a Harry Potter themed trip – everyone loved his Harry Potter facts!

Everyone then used their new-found knowledge of Oxford to compete in teams to win our Scavenger hunt, with the Oxford Globe Trotters taking home the prize for the most creative graduation photo attempt.

One team from Lampl took a novel approach, with each member taking charge for one clue. Faris took to being in charge rather well and the whole group practically sprinted around the Radcliffe Camera following his clue!

Caitlin turned out to be another great leader for one of the St Thomas’ teams – she encouraged the whole team to practically run in order to get lots of scavenger hunt done and be back in time.

After such an eventful first day, our students spent the evening getting to know each other over some of Oxford’s famous G&D’s ice-cream, before returning to our accommodation to get a good night’s sleep before their lessons start in earnest tomorrow.